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Rooms to let in Lesvos. Renas Rooms in Melinda (Plomari), Lesbos, Greece



PLEASE NOTE: Our accommodation has been fully renovated this year and we are going to have new photos of it SHORTLY!
Renas Rooms in Melinda (Plomari), Lesbos island, Greece The main question is: what kind of holiday are you looking for in Greece?
A crowded tourist place with a lot of modern entertainment, noise 24 hours a day, souvenir shops, fancy bars, ear-splittingSpecial Offers... discothθques and expensive restaurants?
Or a small sea-side village in a quiet and rural environment, with a traditional and authentic atmosphere, surrounded by beautiful nature?

If you prefer the latter one, than you should consider to come and stay in Melinda at the south 
coast of the Aegean island Lesvos. There you will find your paradise on earth.... The tiny village is situated right at the shore of the Mediterranean, with its many shades of blue and green delightful to the eye, and its calming never ending rustling. No irritating noise of cars and motorbikes will disturb your day of rest, nor your sleep at night, simply because of the fact that there is no through traffic in the village. Mass-tourism is an unknown word here, so the pebble beach will be nearly only yours, when you like to relax at the shore and take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear sea. Behind the village a magnificent nature with 'breathtaking' mountains and stunning footpaths along extensive olive groves and sweet-scented pine-tree forests starts right-away: a perfect opportunity for those who like an active and exploring holiday.
The region has many traditional villages (Paleochori, Megalochori, Kournela etc.) which are worth visiting and even hiking to using the numerous paths.
Do we need to tell you more? Your choice of destination will be easy....

Lesvos Plomari And of course you would like a nice place to stay
Our Melinda Guesthouse is a small-scaled and colourful lodging-house, run by a Greek family. It has 5 different sized rooms with balcony (sea view), air conditioning, television, refrigerator, hot & cold water, shower and lavatory, and facilities to cook your own meals. We provide for bed linen and blankets (included) and there is an internet connection available.
When you walk down the stairs of our guesthouse, you will be at the beach straight away!
Downstairs you will also find our restaurant: a cosy spacious terrace with a panoramic view at the sea, where you can enjoy excellent traditional Greek food and drinks and see the sun go down.

melinda lesvos - ΜΕΛΙΝΤΑ, ΠΛΩΜΑΡΙ ΛΕΣΒΟΣ Other facilities and traveling
If you like to do shopping, you will have all possibilities in Plomari, the nearby town, 6 kilometres from Melinda. There you can find also banks (ATM's), pharmacies, an emergency hospital and a post office. And if you want to rent a car, motorbike or bicycle, you can find them there as well. Unfortunately there is still no public transport between Melinda and Plomari, but you can order a taxi or hitch-hike very easily.
Traveling from your country to the capital of Lesbos (Mytilini) is possible with direct charter connections from the end of April until the end of October, or with scheduled flights via Athens all the year through. Traveling from Mytilini airport to Melinda can be done by taxi, or - from the centre of Mytilini to Plomari - by bus.

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